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More than a "strip"main plugin interface

T-Chain is a channel strip plugin like no other.  It utilizes a modular design so users can arrange different sound modules within the signal path.  It can be as simple as using a single EQ or Compressor module, or as complex as you can imagine.  Each module can be rearranged, added, and deleted by drag-and-drop - making it easy to rearrange your signal chain at-will.



view of module browserThe Choice is yours

T-Chain has numerous modules to choose from, and comes with several free modules that are easy to use, versatile, and powerful.  This includes a free EQ, Compressor, Gate, and Splitter (for splitting the signal into two distinct paths).  Additional modules can be purchased a la carte, and include more advanced modules such as preamp modules, oversampling capability, and more advanced dynamic modules.  With more modules coming very soon.



One Interface To Rule them Allview of right-click menu

T-Chain has a configurable interface, from compact to full-featured.  Four different layout options exist.  T-Chain includes a waveform view, as well as a configurable spectrum analyzer.  Whether you are compressing, EQing, or whatever, the interface of T-Chain provides a standardized user interface.



Main Features

  • Free and Paid modules, with the ability to demo any module at any time
  • Customizable spectrum analyzer and waveform display
  • Full-featured preset management system with searchable filter and text-based importing/exporting
  • Multiple plugin interface size (compact, small, medium, and large)
  • A/B Comparison feature for entire plugin, and for individual modules
  • Available on Mac and PC; in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats; and 32- and 64-bit architecture



Purchasing T-Chain Modules

To purchase one or more modules for T-Chain, please review the Modules page.



T-Chain: OS X AU, VST, VST3, and AAX Universal Binaries

Fast Download: Here


T-Chain: Windows VST, VST3, and AAX 32- and 64-bit

Fast Download: Here