-Version 1.2.0, Sept 14, 2017-

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main plugin interface

More than a "Strip"

T-Chain is a channel strip plugin like no other.  It utilizes a modular design so users can arrange different sound modules within the signal path.  It can be as simple as using a single EQ or Compressor module, or as complex as you can imagine.  Each module can be rearranged, added, and deleted by drag-and-drop - making it easy to rearrange your signal chain at-will.

view of module browser

The Choice is Yours

T-Chain has numerous modules to choose from, and comes with several free modules that are easy to use, versatile, and powerful.  This includes a free EQ, Compressor, Gate, and Splitter (for splitting the signal into two distinct paths).  Additional modules can be purchased a la carte, and include more advanced modules such as preamp modules, oversampling capability, and more advanced dynamic modules.  With more modules coming very soon.

view of right-click menu

One Interface To Rule them All

T-Chain has a configurable interface, from compact to full-featured.  Four different layout options exist.  T-Chain includes a waveform view, as well as a configurable spectrum analyzer.  Whether you are compressing, EQing, or whatever, the interface of T-Chain provides a standardized user interface.

Introducing TCS

New to version 1.2.0 is TCS.  TCS (T-Chain Single) is a plugin to load and use one T-Chain module.  If you don't need all of the chaining and routing features of T-Chain but you still want to use a single module in the mix, TCS is the perfect choice.  It includes many of the user interface features of T-Chain, including the waveform/spectrum display, A/B, and wet/dry mix on all modules.  All the oversampling features are also included for users that have opted to purchase the Oversampling module.  Just look for TCS in your DAW's plugin list after installing.

Main Features

  • Free and Paid modules, with the ability to demo any module at any time
  • Customizable spectrum analyzer and waveform display
  • Full-featured preset management system with searchable filter and text-based importing/exporting
  • Multiple plugin interface size (compact, small, medium, and large)
  • A/B Comparison feature for entire plugin, and for individual modules
  • Available on Mac and PC; in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats; and 32- and 64-bit architecture

Purchasing T-Chain Modules

To purchase one or more modules for T-Chain, please review the Modules page.


Version 1.2.0 (Latest - including TCS)

T-Chain: OS X AU, VST, VST3, and AAX Universal Binaries

Fast Download: Here


T-Chain: Windows VST, VST3, and AAX 32- and 64-bit

Fast Download: Here


Version 1.1.0

T-Chain: OS X AU, VST, VST3, and AAX Universal Binaries

T-Chain: Windows VST, VST3, and AAX 32- and 64-bit




Version 1.2.0

  • ADDED: new TCS plugin to load single module
  • ADDED: new DynoPhuzz module
  • ADDED: new ClipShifter module
  • ADDED: Bypass global button for T-Chain
  • IMPROVED: Phase response of minimal phase oversampling
  • IMPROVED: General code updates

Version 1.1.0

  • ADDED: new FETPress compressor module
  • ADDED: new OptoPress compressor module
  • ADDED: new Dyno HLP dynamic high/low pass module
  • ADDED: new free Phuzz saturation module
  • ADDED: new free Digital HLP high/low pass module
  • ADDED: link on unregistered module setting pages to purchase pages
  • ADDED: holding mouse button on routing scroll arrows will continuously scroll
  • ADDED: Browser scroll height adjustment in global settings (saved setting to separate XML file)
  • FIXED: in gain resetting on certain preamp modules
  • FIXED: incorrect latency reporting with oversampling
  • FIXED: sticky buttons when clicking "LOAD" or "SAVE" for presets and layout is changed
  • FIXED/IMPROVED: some of the graphic images for the modules
  • FIXED/IMPROVED: optimized code in analog modeling (throughout many modules) that was causing high CPU, especially with high samplerates or oversampling
  • IMPROVED: better clipboard handling with registration
  • IMPROVED: more natural control shape of VIBE control on Lithium EQ, and wider saturation range
  • IMPROVED: Show Demo Modules setting in global settings is saved to separate XML file
  • IMPROVED: In Gain, Mix, and Out Gain in routing window do not jump when adjusting another control and mouse hits control
  • IMPROVED: Rotary selector switches handle mouse clicks and drags more naturally
  • IMPROVED: Module setting window to handle more settings than registration (i.e., internal settings for FETPress and OptoPress)

Version 1.0.0

  • initial release