ClipShifter Sound Clips

ClipShifter Sound Clips

Example sound clips using ClipShifter:  In all clips except the Full Mix example, the levels of the processed and unprocessed clips were normalized to the same level for comparison purposes.  The files were converted using LAME and the VBR -V 0 setting.


This is a clip of an unprocessed bass, recorded directly using a Focusrite 2i2 interface.  The bass is a MIM Fender Jazz bass, slightly modified (Badass 2 bridge and Guitar Fetish replacement pickups).  Both pickups were turned on full and the tone control was off.

Bass unprocessed:

Bass with ClipShifter (subtle):



This is a clip of a guitar recorded direct using the Focusrite 2i2 interface.  Reverb has been added at the same amount to both examples.  The guitar is a tele-style guitar from Rondo Music.  The bridge pickup was used with the tone control off.  Please remember, this is a direct recording of the guitar with no amp or amp simulator.

Guitar-direct with reverb

Guitar-direct with ClipShifter and reverb

Guitar-direct with ClipShifter (more distortion & multiband configuration) and reverb



This is a drum loop created from various Sony Creative Software libraries.

Drums unprocessed

Drums with ClipShifter

Drums with ClipShifter applied using multiband controls



Full Mix

This is a full mix.  The original clip has no processing on the master buss, and the processed sample has ClipShifter on the master.  In this example, the processed clip is louder to illustrate ClipShifter’s ability to compress while adding subtle saturation.

Mix unprocessed

Mix with ClipShifter