LVC-Audio: Audio Effects Plugins



Full-featured clipping tool with innovative “shifting” threshold.  Available as a free and paid plug. 2015-04-27-13_45_07-VST-Plugin-Analyser-LVC-Audio_-ClipShifter.jpg


Fully-customizable saturation plugin for creating analog-style fuzz, grit, distortion, and warmth. HotPhuzzGUI


Limiter for transparent-to-aggressive mastering.  Limited-MAX includes dynamic controls for selecting from three distinct limiter algorithms, automatic input gain adjustment, and many more features.  Limited-MAX GUI


A limiter geared specifically for tracks and busses.  Limited-T mimics many features of analog limiter gear, as well as providing 5 distinct amp models.  Limited-T GUI


A full-featured mastering limiter based on Limited-MAX.  The simplified interface produces great results by condensing all of the internal limiter parameters into several unique sounding Limiter Modes.  Available as a free and paid plug.  2015-09-14 08_15_26-Start


A free stripped-down version of HotPhuzz – for quickly getting dirty. 2014-02-10 13_27_31-PhreePhuzz (x86 bridged)


Analog preamp modeling with all the bells and whistles.  Features 13 distinct analog amp models, 4-band EQ, and extra saturation controls. PreAMPed


A venerable mastering compressor and dynamic equalizer in one.  Besides all of the advanced compressor controls like feed-forward/feed-back mode, lookahead, and range control; Pressed-MAX features a highly configurable four-band side-chain filter, and six-band dynamic equalizer.  Pressed-MAX also utilizes the same “zero phase” oversampling found in Limited-MAX.  


A character track compressor that includes vintage compressor modeling, input & output amp modeling, and compressor-dependent saturation (CDS).  Pressed-T is capable of many types of compression, from clean to gritty. Pressed-T


Free version of TonedPLUS.  An EQ designed specifically for mastering, with a dedicated HP filter and analog-style bandaxall 3-band EQ.  It also includes analog modeling as found on Limited-T, PreAMPed, and TonedPLUS. main interface of Toned plugin


An analog mastering EQ plugin, complete with dedicated HP filters, bandaxall 3-band EQ, 2-band parametric EQ, and selectable M/S processing on all filters.  TonedPLUS analog modeling provides separate controls for input coupling (e.g., transformer, discrete, etc.) and EQ amp modeling, for 35 different combination of amp modeling.


When a 2-knob transient plugin is not enough.  Transector provides extreme transient design. Transector