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Limited-MAX (beta) video

This is not the best quality (of audio or video), but here is a quick demo of the new mastering limiter, Limited-MAX.  The audio is a quick song demo I made a few years ago, without any buss compression.  It is probably not the greatest audio demo to use, but at least it is mine and I don’t have to worry about copyright.

The video also includes the excellent MLoudnessAnalyzer from Melda Production to get a sense of the loudness changes.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great 2014, and I hope 2015 will be even better.

I am looking forward to more new LVC-Audio stuff, including two new limiters that will be released shortly. 

In the meantime, please enjoy 40% off all plugins until January 12th.

Happy Thanksgiving

For everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving: Happy Thanksgiving!!!

For everyone that doesn’t: Happy fourth Thursday in November!!!

Have fun, eat and drink lots (or not, your preference), and remember that everything is currently 50% off on the Purchase page.

Limiter Algorithm

Most mastering limiters allow users to select from a few different algorithms.  I am trying something new with the upcoming LVC Mastering Limiter.  I will let users select/create their own “algorithm” by using an XY pad.  Changing the position of the control changes the sound of the limiter by changing how it responds and deals with transients.  It is hard to see from the picture below, but the lights within the XY control show you how the limiter is responding to the incoming signal.

More testing to come, but so far so good…and get ready for a holiday sale!!!

2014-11-18 16_54_05-lvcLimiter (x86 bridged)

Rekkerd Giveaway


Rekkerd is currently running a giveaway for LVC-Audio plugins.  You can win a copy of any LVC-Audio plugin of your choice. Five contestants will win.

To enter the contest for a chance to win, visit LVC-Audio Giveaway and leave a comment.  The contest ends on October 31, so visit the page soon and enter a comment for your chance to win.

Good luck!


It seems to be that there are strong opinions about the retro knobs on most of the LVC-Audio plugins.  Either people like them, or they hate them with a passion.  I don’t know why there is such a split.

I decided to take a little time and come up with a new concept.  What about something a little more modern and simplistic like this?

 2014-10-11 08_04_25-VST Plugin Analyser - LVC-Audio_ lvcLimiter

I still need to make corresponding switches and multi-select buttons, but I am thinking that I like the sleek look.

Windows AAX

Here is a screenshot of ClipShifter as an AAX x64 plugin in Pro Tools.  If everything goes well with testing, Windows AAX versions should be ready soon.

2014-10-05 17_06_42-Pro Tools

Updates to Everything!

LVC-Audio_finalClipShifter, HotPhuzz, PhreePhuzz, PreAMPed, Toned, TonedPLUS, and Transector have all been updated. The new versions include many common changes. Additionally, there are specific changes to the following plugins:

  • TonedPLUS*:
    • new 2x drive control for more saturation
    • new auto gain control to automatically adjust the output gain level
    • new wide range two-band parametric EQ – this is a lot of knobs, but they are worth it!
  • Toned: Increased the Drive control to +18 dB for a little more grit
  • Transector: finally, support for AAX and RTAS on OSX
  • PreAMPed: new frequency-variable noise algorithm as used on TonedPLUS

The common features for all of the plugins include:

  • improved HQ oversampling
  • update for compatibility with Pro Tools 11.2 (AAX)
  • text entry fix for controls with negative-only values (e.g., typing “5” will automatically be recognized as -5)
  • improve meter reset when clicking on the VU Text readout (on most plugins)
  • standardized meter ballistics across all plugins
  • signed OSX installers
  • fixed unnecessary fast fade-in when playback was stopped and started
  • revised preset loading and saving function to “future-proof” loading older presets in new version of plugin

*For anyone interested in TonedPLUS, please note that the introductory price will end at the end of September.

Thank you for your support, and please continue to use the Contact page or this forum for any questions, problems, or suggestions.

KVR DC 14 and more TonedPLUS

Toned finished 7th overall in the KVR DC 14.  Congratulations to all of the developers.

This is higher than I thought.  The only reason I say this is because there was hardly any chatter about Toned on KVR (or elsewhere for that matter).  I didn’t get any bug reports or suggestions (except for suggestions for TonedPLUS).  For the entries that finished higher than Toned, there were pages and pages of forum posts.

Overall, I think 7th is very encouraging.  If I had to guess why Toned finished where it did (and not lower), I would guess that it looks very boring on “paper”, but it is extremely useful and versatile in mixing and mastering.  It is also very easy to use.  As always, I am heavily biased. 

As for TonedPLUS, I am still working on the next version.  The interface is a little cramped, but I added the 2x saturation button, Auto output volume level button, and 12 knobs for the parametric EQ.

If you have any further suggestions for TonedPLUS, please feel free to post them on facebook, use the Contact page, or any other means necessary.


2014-08-27 12_25_42-TonedPLUS (x86 bridged)


I am working on the next version of TonedPLUS.  Right now, I have two feature requests.  The first is a “2x” button for saturation.  I have this working, and so far it is working really nice in most situations.  On a few of the dirtier models (e.g., Old Transformer coupled with the Passive Amp), the 2x mode really starts to get nasty when the Drive control is turned up.  When I say nasty, I mean it sounds like your woofers are bottoming-up.  Not nasty in a good way.  I am not sure if I will leave it like this, or come up with a more complicated solution.

The other request was for an auto-leveling/gain control.  I am testing this, and it works fairly well.  It will not level-match to 100%, but it gets you pretty close.  Of course, the output gain control can still be used to fine-tune the output.

Then there is my own feature request.  This is a little ambitious, but I am trying to squeeze in four parametric controls.  Well, two per each channel.  This might go against my initial plan of having a simple EQ for mastering; however, I am really trying to do my best at providing a plugin replacement for a $3000-ish hardware mastering EQ (I know, a ridiculously lofty goal).  When I am using TonedPLUS, I am finding myself wanting a little more control, especially in the midrange.  Without ruining the simplicity of the existing three bands, I think the two additional parametric controls work well.  

In the meantime, the $35.00 introductory price will remain until the end of August.

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