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How ‘bout this tease?

A new plugin is coming soon.  Actually, two new plugins.  This first will be released on August 1st as part of KVR DC 14.  This will be a totally free plugin.  The second plugin will be a more fuller-featured version released around the same time.  It is sort of like PhreePhuzz and HotPhuzz, in terms of the “free/paid” arrangement.

The screenshot below is ridiculous.  Everything is obfuscated.  Sorry to say, but that is purposeful.  The rules of the KVR DC state that everything needs to be private before the release date.  Even though the paid plugin will not be part of the KVR DC 14, it is closely related.

I will say that the plugin is nearly complete and in final beta testing.  Without giving away much of the functionality, I will mention that I am very excited about this plugin. 

Now, it is time to work on writing a user manual…

2014-07-18 20_26_14-VST Plugin Analyser - LVC-Audio_ TonedPLUS

Computer Music Interview

Computer Music Magazine has posted the full interview from their CM206 issue.  If you want to read the article, check it out here.

The complete review of HotPhuzz is also available here.

Quick update for PhreePhuzz OSX

There was a problem in the OSX version of PhreePhuzz version 1.0.2.  I just uploaded the new files that should correct the issue.  If you downloaded version 1.0.2 and are using a Mac, please download the files again.  The Windows version is fine.

Computer Music 206

The latest issue of Computer Music Magazine features a review of HotPhuzz, and an interview with me.  CM 206 is the July issue, but it is available now in many places (including online, through Google Play, the Apple Newsstand, and Zinio). 

CMU206.blogheader - CROP

It is very humbling to see my face in a magazine, as well as seeing a very positive review of HotPhuzz.  The plugin was awarded a Computer Music Performance Award, and a Computer Music Value Award.  To celebrate, you can use the discount code CM206 to get a 15% discount on any plugins until July 15.


What’s happening?

Well, the finishing touches are being put on HotPhuzz and PhreePhuzz.  They should be released very soon.  There is a new oversampling engine that greatly reduces aliasing, as well as lightens the CPU load.  All of the LVC-Audio plugins are getting the new update.  HotPhuzz and PhreePhuzz will be first.  Additionally, HotPhuzz has a new timing control that is extremely more flexible than the previous release.

PreAMPed is going to take a little more time.  There are some differences in the sound that I do not like when oversampling is engaged.  I have been working on minimizing these differences, so that everything sounds the same between 2x, 4x, and 8x oversampling.

There is also a new free plugin on the way.  It will be released at the end of July as part of the KVR DC 2014.  I have sent it to the beta testers, and I am working on addressing some of the final issues.

Transector CM

Issue 204 of Computer Music Magazine features a special version of Transector, entitled Transector CM.  Definitely check it out.  I am really honored that they approached me to make a special plugin for the magazine.

There is a video here  the goes over the basics of Transector CM.  It is a great video, and it hits on a lot of features of Transector CM, as well as showing how the transient detector can be tuned to more accurately detect certain transients.  The nice thing about the video is that all of the features they discuss about Transector CM also apply to Transector.

There have been a few questions about the differences between Transector CM and the full version.  The differences are:

2014-01-16 09_04_59-Transector (x86 bridged)

  – Transector adds the ability to split the signal into Mid and Side, instead of left and right. The M/S controls let you choose how much transient shaping to apply to the mid and side channels.  This is really useful when you want to tweak a stereo track, like drums, and add more punch just to the center channel.  The M/S controls also include a width and balance control.  Width and balance can be used in M/S mode, or in stereo L/R mode.


2013-07-12 21_49_56-Transector (x86 bridged)

- Transector also includes specific controls for adjusting the side chain signal.  The side chain signal is what is used to detect the transients.  The Low and High controls are high pass and low pass filters, that can be used to filter out sounds that shouldn’t be used to detect the transients.  A solo button lets you hear the side chain, and is helpful in adjusting the filters.  Another feature is the Transect can accept an external side chain input.  So, another track could be used entirely. 

- Transector also includes a Noise Floor control.  In Transector CM, this is a fixed level.  Transector lets you adjust this, which is used to fine-tune the transient detector process.

- Transector has an AVG Mode button.  This changes how the Attack, Release, and Sustain values are calculated.  In AVG Mode, the volume changes are smoother, albeit, not as drastic as when the button is disengaged.

- Finally, Transector is getting an update that will include AAX and RTAS plugin support.

AAX/RTAS support

LVC-Audio is happy to announce beta support for RTAS and AAX formats for OSX.  This includes PreAMPed, ClipShifter, and HotPhuzz.

In addition to support for RTAS and AAX formats, the updates also fix a common bug with the user interface.  This prevented text entry on Macs, and made the text appear the incorrect size on many Windows and Mac computers.  Although PhreePhuzz currently does not support RTAS/AAX, an update is provided to correct the text problem.  To update, just proceed to the plugin pages to download the latest versions.

To celebrate the updates, you can get an 11% discount (for Pro Tools 11, of course).  Just enter PT11 during checkout.  This code will be valid until the end of May.

…and yes, Transector RTAS/AAX is coming soon.

AAX too!

Wow, I am shocked.  HotPhuzz is working as AAX and RTAS!

More plugins will be built this weekend.  AAX may take some time (to work out the licensing issues), but some public betas in RTAS format should be very soon.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 9.24.43 PM

RTAS is coming!

Still doing some testing, but RTAS on the Mac is close.  I hope to have some public beta releases soon.  That includes all of the LVC-Audio plugins.


Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 9.02.07 PM

Some like it Hot?

Sorry, it is hard for me to not make stupid jokes because I am so excited.  HotPhuzz version 1.0.0 is released.

Just like PhreePhuzz, HotPhuzz is designed to target gentle saturation sounds.  It includes a multiband saturation process, blend-able saturation algorithms, clipping controls, m/s processing, and the standard LVC-Audio stereo and mix controls.

HotPhuzz also includes 4 presets that duplicate the saturation modes within PhreePhuzz.  There are also 15 more presets to get you started (a special thanks to Dean aka Nekro for these). 

2014-03-27 21_29_55-HotPhuzz (x86 bridged)

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