I know things have been taking a long time, but this plugin is a big project.  We are working hard with the beta testing and I hope to release it very soon.   Imagine a bunch of modules; EQ, compressors, gates, preamps, etc., that you can drag-and-drop at will.  Rearrange, add, remove, etc.  With a […]

ClipShifter and Limited-Z updates

ClipShifter and Limited-Z have been updated.  The updates fix some sporadic AU validation issues with the free versions of each plugin, as well as fix a few other issues.  The complete changelog can be viewed on the plugin pages.   Remember, the LVC-Audio 40%-off sale is still in effect until the end of December.  This […]

New compressors and 40% off

It is the time of the year for big sales.  So, in keeping with tradition LVC-Audio is having a 40%-off sale until December 31st.  All plugins and bundles are priced at a 40% discount.  The view the current prices, check out the Purchase page.   To add to the excitement (well, my excitement at least), […]

Yeah, this is kind of a big deal

Three big announcements: everything is updated, a new free plugin, and a sale on everything Updates It has taken a large amount of work, but all LVC-Audio plugins have been updated.  This update ensures that all plugins (even the free ones) have: Support for RTAS and AAX on Windows and OS X Have the undo/redo […]

ClipShifter 2.3.1 update

  ClipShifter 2.3.1 has been released. The updated version includes the following: Improved latency handling with VST3 formats in Steinberg software New alternate settings for individual knobs (right-click or ctrl-shift click on knob to view) Improved GUI with paid version when using A/B and Undo/Redo Revised meters, including text readout for clip amount Changed knobs […]

LVC-Audio now has Bundles

After many requests, LVC-Audio is offering three different bundles. This includes the Mixing, Mastering, and Everything bundles. All information and pricing can be found on the Purchase page. The Mixing bundle includes all of the plugins that are well-matched for individual tracks. This includes HotPhuzz, Limited-T, PreAMPed, and Transector. The Mastering bundle includes Limited-MAX, TonedPLUS, […]

ClipShifter 2.3.0 released

ClipShifter 2.3.0 has been released. The included features bring ClipShifter in line with some of the most recent updates to HotPhuzz, PhreePhuzz, Limited-MAX, and Limited-T. The updated version includes the following: New A/B comparison and Copy feature New Undo/Redo History New cross-platform preset feature New support for RTAS and AAX on Windows Improvement for latency […]

Return of the Limiter Bundle

LVC-Audio is partnering with Pro-Tools-Expert to offer a great deal on Limited-MAX and Limited-T. For just £46 (about $68 on the other side of the pond), you can get both plugins. That is pretty close to getting both plugins for the same price as buying one license of Limited-MAX. For more information and to view […]

Four new updates

Limited-MAX, Limited-T, HotPhuzz, & PhreePhuzz Updated! Where to start – there are so many cool little features packed in these updates.  Let’s start with the updates that are included in all 4 plugin releases. Undo/Redo History:  Now every plugin has an undo and redo button.  They are located at the bottom of the interface and […]

Limiter SPECIAL ends soon

Limiter SPECIAL ends soon Currently, Limited-MAX and Limited-T are on sale for a combined price of $70 USD.  This special price will end on February 28.