New compressors and 40% off

It is the time of the year for big sales.  So, in keeping with tradition LVC-Audio is having a 40%-off sale until December 31st.  All plugins and bundles are priced at a 40% discount.  The view the current prices, check out the Purchase page.


To add to the excitement (well, my excitement at least), two new compressor plugins have been released.  The plugins are Pressed-T and Pressed-MAX

2015-11-22 13_41_46-VST Plugin Analyser - LVC-Audio_ Pressed-T

Pressed-T is a character track compressor.  It includes plenty of vintage goodness and drips with saturation.  Of course, you can make it run clean, too.  Pressed-T includes hardware modeling, as well as a compressor-dependent saturation (CDS) circuit.


2015-11-19 16_06_31-Pressed-MAX (x86 bridged)

Pressed-MAX is a mastering compressor that includes a unique dynamic equalizer and flexible side-chain controls.  The dynamic EQ in Pressed-MAX allows for a lot of creativity for mid/side operations, de-essing, and regaining some definition to dull-sounding mixes.  It also utilizes the same “zero phase” oversampling that is found in Limited-MAX.