LVC-Audio now has Bundles

After many requests, LVC-Audio is offering three different bundles. This includes the Mixing, Mastering, and Everything bundles. All information and pricing can be found on the Purchase page.

The Mixing bundle includes all of the plugins that are well-matched for individual tracks. This includes HotPhuzz, Limited-T, PreAMPed, and Transector. The Mastering bundle includes Limited-MAX, TonedPLUS, and ClipShifter. Of course, the Everything bundle includes all of the plugins. The Mixing and Mastering bundle are priced at a 20% discount. The Everything bundle is priced at a 25% discount.

If you have previously purchased a plugins or two from LVC-Audio and would like to “upgrade” to a bundle, use the Contact page. You will be provided with a special discount code to purchase the remainder of the plugins to complete your bundle.

And if you haven’t tried Limited-MAX yet, please do.  It just received a 4.5 out of 5 star review at musicradar.  They said, “Limited-MAX is a flexible master bus limiter that delivers results on a par with the more pricey competition. Impressive!”