‘HELPTEXAS’ discount and donation

I have decided to do something about the devastation caused in the U.S. by Hurricane Harvey.  From now until the end of September, use the coupon code HELPTEXAS and get 33% off any plugin.  The remainder of the money that is made by LVC-Audio will be split, and 50% will be donated to a charity to help the victims of the hurricane.  So, here are a couple questions that I know might arise:


  • “The hurricane didn’t just hit Texas”:  Yes, I know.  I just wanted to use the code HELPTEXAS because I thought it was an easy to remember code
  • “What about all of the other disasters on Earth?”:  Good question.  I don’t know.  Maybe I will do this again.
  • “What charity are you going to use?”:  I don’t know yet, but I am leaning towards Islamic Relief USA.  They get really good ratings on Charity Navigator.  I am also open to suggestions.
  • “Why 33%?”:  I think it is a fair amount.  I like how you get a third discount, LVC-Audio gets a third, and the charity gets a third.
  • “You are just a self-serving pieces of trash that is trying to capitalize on people’s suffering, blah blah!”:  I know that this might come up privately or publicly, but I think the amounts are fair.  Of course, I could always give more.  So could all of us.  We could sell stuff, sell our computers, sell all our precious music equipment, and move to Texas to start rebuilding.  Maybe that is enough; however, I am not willing to do that.  Yes, I would like to get a lot of interest in LVC-Audio plugins, but I would also like to donate a lot to help.  Besides, while other online retailers are running another Labor Day sale, I would like it to be a little more meaningful.  If you still think that I am a sleazy salesman, you are probably right.  I also eat baby kittens and blurt out spoilers in movie theaters (I don’t do those things).